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Interesting articles 06.12.2016
What to take on a trip?
The first and foremost thing that you need to take with you on your trip documents and money - it is the most important in the journey. It is better to have a small bag or backpack that you always carry and take in your hand Luggage when flying.

So, what to take with you on vacation:
  • Passport and copies of them. Generally, copies of all documents have phone, flash drive, cloud storage/virtual drive or email - but better to be safe and to choose several options. These copies may be needed if the originals are lost.
  • Print and electronic options for reservation of hotels/apartments.
  • Print and electronic versions of tickets.
  • Print and electronic versions of insurance.
  • Credit cards (better to have multiple cards and accounts of different banks). 
  • Small format notebook with his records and notes, a pen and a pencil. It can be used for communication and bargaining.
  • The Phrase Book.
  • Download to your mobile phone or tablet programs with offline maps. Find out what else mobile apps can be useful in the journey.
  • An international driving permit if you are going to rent a car.