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Interesting articles 20.03.2017
Traditions and customs of Egypt
Traditions and customs of Egypt. Tips for the tourist.
There are basic rules that you need to know when visiting Egypt. Egypt respects for many centuries Muslim tradition, but in the modern resort areas it is not so noticeable. Before you go into the country, it is worth briefly acquainted with the customs and mores, not to fall into an awkward position.

  • The welcome and hospitality 
The Arabs are very hospitable. Hospitality applies not only at home but also a car. Taxi drivers are accustomed to them that sit in the front seat. Quite differently they perceive and greeting. The girls, accustomed to the handshake. The Arabs are so leery of women who walk without a relative or a husband. Similarly, Russian men should not try to strike up a conversation with an Egyptian ladies. 

  • Alcohol
Egypt – a Muslim country. Here is not the norm to see a drunk men on the street, because alcohol is equivalent to sin. Tourist who would like to propose to the Egyptians to drink alcohol or he will be walking around town drunk, will cause resentment.

  • Photography 
Better to ask a permission if you want to take a picture with someone. Not allowed to take pictures of local women.

  • Clothing
The Egyptians wear closed clothes, but that doesn't mean you have to dress like they do. It is advisable to just abandon short shorts (and this applies to men), deep cut dress or blouse, and men should not walk without t-shirt or with an unbuttoned shirt in public. Due to inappropriate clothing may not be allowed in the restaurant.

  • Relax on the beach 
On the beach the dress code is not so hard. The only – in any case it is impossible to sunbathe without the upper part swimsuit. In a country where Islam dominates, it can have consequences.